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As a responsible, eco-friendly business, we’re committed to keeping bees in their natural habitat in a local and sustainable way. Check out the rest of our site to learn about our initiatives and our products.

Swarm of Bees

Lets Dive Into The Hive


A hive experience for all

Our hive tours are perfect for the bee lover and curious. Tours are designed to give you a truly hands-on honey bee experience. We offer: adult/children-only tours, family friendly for all, ages 4 and up. We also offer tours to groups, such as schools, scouts etc. We provide a hands­-on experience in an active

live beehive. You will learn about the life cycle, jobs and history of the honey bee and the benefits of honey. Your local tour guide and resident beekeeper, will have you suiting up in protective gear and explaining the tools they use in the bee yard. You will be getting up close and personal with many honey bees.

​Our tours are perfect for team building, or an adventure with friends and family! Tours are offered from Spring to August.

Interested in gifting a tour to someone during our off-season. Consider purchasing a gift certificate & book the tour during the season.

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Golden Bay Honey and Beehive Tours

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