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Our Story

Golden Bay Honey was founded in 2018 when a passion project turned into a small business. Cindy and I worked full time and cared for the honey bees during our off hours.  When customers were coming into the yard looking for honey, we were not home to supply it. We decided to put up a self serve honey stand "take your honey and leave your money". The honey stand was well received by customers coming into the yard. Over the next few years, regular customers would pull in and would ask "How are the bees". Not only did we take the time and tell them all about the bees, we would take the very curious directly into the apiary without any protective gear. In 2022 I had a life changing motor vehicle accident. As I was taking time to heal and had limited ability to care for the honey bees.  We came up with the idea of beehive tours. We purchased various sizes of bee suits and went to social media, we advertised free beehive tours. From June to August, we did over 100 tours. Eastman Tourism heard what we were doing and before we knew it Golden Bay Honey and Beehive Tours was created.

Browse our site to learn more about our vision, our mission, and our exciting activities.


Golden Bay Honey and Beehive Tours

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